SANAKO Study Lite recorder - Standalone student player/recorder software for language learning
Installed into any computer enables language learning activities for improving all language learning aspects, especially spoken language
Tools for language learning at each students own pace or even independently
•Teachers can extend language learning from the classroom to the students’ homes and have a major impact on results
•Improves pronunciation and communication skills, thanks to variety of speech exercises including model imitation, drills and dictation to name but a few
•Enables students to develop their language skills independently both on- and off-campus, can be used on any computer including students home PCs
•A wide variety of content can be used for language learning – advanced pronunciation exercises can be done even with audio files that do not have ready-made gaps
Free unlimited Study Lite recorder site license is included with every Study 1200 that can be utilized by creating a self-study area in a school or even installed on students' home computers

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