SANAKO Lab 300
Multimedia language lab that can be installed into an existing computer classroom. It includes separate audio cabling for high quality real-time audio.
Teacher-led language teaching activities for versatile and engaging lessons
•Lab 300 provides a variety of tools, exercises and learning modes to increase opportunities for listening, speaking and interacting
•Use wide variety of content, you can even convert analog sources to digital formats
•Individualize teaching – group and pair students, allow students to work on exercises at their own pace, monitor and record progress
Classroom management for using class time for what it’s meant for teaching and learning
•Support for all students is enabled by monitoring and remote controlling student PCs
•Lesson time is spent on interruption-free teaching and learning, thanks to functionalities such as internet- and application-blocking
Tools for language learning at each students own pace
•Language learning can be teacher-led or at the students’ own pace
•Important self-evaluation enabled by recording student speech and exercises

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