MiniSola 70 Lighting Solution MiniSola is a portable solar lighting solution. This product is capable of lighting 3 energy saving bulbs, charging 3 mobile phones and running a DC fan at the same time. It is also compatible with PV modules to utilize sun power. If sun energy is not sufficient, it still can charge battery with the AC utility. Built-in with external battery, MiniSola can extend backup time for longer power running. It is perfect choice for emergent lighting, house lighting, camping, Hawker/Street Vendor or street lighting in remote village. Main Features •70W DC UPS •24W Polycrystalline solar panel •3 sets DC-powered outlets for energy saving bulbs •1 x 12V DC output connector for DC fan •Accept either PWM solar charger or AC charger •Optional 3 x 5V USB charger ports for mobile phones •Off mode charging •Overload protection in battery mode and short circuit protection •3-step charging design for extended battery life •Optional lamp holder with 2m cable
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